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The Importance of a Warm Up and Cool Down

   Monday, December 27th, 2010
   Ideas and Tips


When starting any workout, the first step is always to warm up. This helps your heart rate rise, as well as your body temperature, while simultaneously preparing the muscles to endure the exercise. Warming up is vital to a successful workout.

Some examples of warm-up exercises include: calisthenics, yoga, walking, jumping jacks, jumping rope, jogging, or a combination of different movements.

After finishing an exercise routine, the cool down is just as important as the warm up. This step, like the warm up, is a way to prevent injuries, tears, and/or strains. It is also important because it helps bring your heart rate back to a normal state.

Stretching is the best way to cool down. It improves flexibility and decreases pain. Other ways to cool down include walking and again, yoga.

A workout is a three-part activity: the warm up, the exercise, and the cool down. Getting rid of two out of three of these parts makes the workout not only unsuccessful, but also dangerous to the muscles being worked, as well as the most important muscle: the heart. They may not seem as important as the exercise, but they are necessary, and they promote overall health and fitness performance.

By: Brittney Schering
Sandy Feet Writer