Sandy Feet All Stars


Rachel Hiner

Chief Running Officer
Rachel Hiner is the founder and CEO of Sandy Feet Events. With ten years of event-coordinating behind her, Rachel’s races have grown exponentially as she has evolved as a philanthropist and leader. Her passion for health, fitness and the environment fuels her motivation to grow and expand Sandy Feet Events. Her feet are always sandy.


Deanna Askin

Event Coordinator
No job is too large or too small for Deanna, our team nerd. Whether it’s producing permits, plotting courses, going to Star Trek conventions or finding the best deals on porta potties she will get the job done with a smile! With Deanna on your side your event will be a hit. Lucky for us, we found her first!


Kristen Leitao

Sponsorship Manager
Looking to promote your business or organization to local active people? Kristen is the one you need to talk to! She will make sure you get the most bang for your sponsorship bucks. She can work with you to create a partnership that will blossom for years to come!

Sarah Moersfelder

Marketing & Volunteer Coordinator
Have you read one of our uber interesting blogs, posts or newsletters recently? If so it was most likely written by Sarah. She is passionate about running and if you are too listen up because she has a lot to say! When it comes to event day she is the maestro directing a symphony of  volunteers without her we would all be running around in different uncoordinated directions. She keeps it all running smoothly!


Mark Jones

Crowd Coordinator
Are you excited about running?! As MC of events for Sandy Feet Mark “AKA RunMC”  will get you excited to run, dance or just be alive. He has a passion for health and fitness that is intoxicating. Who ever thought that health and fitness could intoxicate you?


Make it Happen
We are grateful for our core group of trained and dedicated event volunteers. We are also lucky to receive even more volunteer help from groups all over San Diego including Volunteer Match, local Key Clubs and the our Partner Charities’. For information on joining our team as an intern holler at us