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Run Like a Girl

  Ideas and Tips, News Feed, Running Events      Maura

Women run this world – and our races. Females make up 67% of the people running our Sandy Feet running … Continue →


Keeping Your Cool When Training in the Heat

  Endurance, Half Marathon Training, Ideas and Tips, News Feed, Nutrition      Sarah Moersfelder

Happy Summer San Diego – time to bust out your shorts and tanks for summer training time. Lucky for us … Continue →

Yoga For All at Sunset

5 Yoga Techniques That Give Runners a Mental Edge

  Endurance, Ideas and Tips, Insight from the Expert, News Feed      Sarah Moersfelder

This article is written by our local expert, Lauren Padula*. We value and appreciate her experiences and knowledge greatly. You should too. … Continue →


The Hype Behind Hydration

  Endurance, Ideas and Tips, News Feed      Sarah Moersfelder

So you’re training for a half marathon or 5k in San Diego? Well its pretty dry here and it can … Continue →

Beach Run

You Have No Excuse Not to Run in San Diego

Literally. Weather year round is beyond bearable, idealistic by most people’s standards. There are approximately 3.8 million(ish) routes you can … Continue →

5 Day Food Challenge

Join Us in the, “Eat A Rainbow 5 Day Food Challenge”

  Ideas and Tips, News Feed, Nutrition, Social Events      Sarah Moersfelder

Every day is a good day to reflect on your actions and choices and decide what stays, what goes, and … Continue →

Lauren Race Prep

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Boston Marathon Race Prep

That right there is our local expert, Lauren Padula*. A few weeks ago (April 20th, to be exact), she ran … Continue →

They're the worst. Learn the top 3 in this article.

Running Injuries: Insight From the Expert

  Ideas and Tips, Insight from the Expert, News Feed      Sarah Moersfelder

As passionate, dedicated, driven runners, we know that running injuries are the worst. It’s important to know how to prevent them … Continue →


Partnering with Padula: Meet the Running Expert

  Half Marathon Training, Ideas and Tips      Sarah Moersfelder

Meet Lauren Padula. She’s the newest member to the Sandy Feet Events think tank and brings a whole lot of … Continue →


Tips For a New Year Jump Start

  Ideas and Tips, News Feed, Nutrition      Sarah Moersfelder

The new year is here and even if you aren’t running the San Diego Resolution Run this Saturday, you probably … Continue →