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Let’s go for a Chi-Run today

   Friday, January 21st, 2011
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Let’s go for a Chi-Run today.

Chronic knee pain is frequently the cause of runners deciding to quit doing what they do. A pain-free alternative to running, and a way to continue to exercise without enduring discomfort, is Chi-Running.

The Chi-Running approach is based on the same mindful principles and orientation as Yoga, Pilates, and T’ai Chi, says www.chirunning.com. This is a combination of working with core muscles, integrating mind and body, and focusing on long-term performance. It is a mind-body approach to improving technique, while simultaneously sharpening your mind, which results in your possession of a physical and mental edge to finish far ahead of any competition. It turns your running experience into a safe and effective lifelong program for health, fitness, and well-being.

Chi-Running is a way for everyone to love to run…forever. While it is recommended for injured runners, it is also highly beneficial for beginner, fitness, and performance athletes, as well. For example, according to www.chirunning.com, competitive runners have found increased speed and decreased recovery time as a major effect of Chi-Running. Beginning runners found that it is much easier, and therefore, more enjoyable. Injured runners come back to their regular activity with an empowered realization of how to prevent injury recurrence: Chi-Running.

A survey was conducted by West Virginia University in 2007 with 2500 Chi-Runners. The main confirmed data included the easiness of learning the Chi-Running method; Chi-Running improves injury prevention, the ease of running, and greater speed. 95% of the surveyed Chi-Runners agreed that their ease of running has improved. 91% feel that Chi-Running plays a major role in preventing injuries. 90% said they were able to change their running mechanics with Chi-Running.

Runners who suffer from severe pain in their bones and joints should consider Chi-Running as a way of revamping their regular activity. The results are proven to be painlessly astounding. For more information on how you can get involved in a Chi-Running training program, please head over to www.chirunning.com.

Brittney Schering
Sandy Feet Writer